Thursday, January 7, 2010

Why Does Impetigo Reoccur In Same Spot

ADUC organizing the class action against Italian Preinstalled Windows

Courts are not yet equipped to accommodate the requests of judicial collective action, because 'the law provides for an internal organization for now non-existent. Pending the filing of the request is real and not just the media, and 'already' a few months ADUC has launched a campaign of accessions for the repayment of the Windows operating system (OEM) pre-installed in nearly all 'of the computer that you buy . Repayment that some manufacturers already 'let but with great difficulty 'and ridiculous amounts.

The collection is through membership of the Association's website

Today there are hundreds of reports of people on the impossibility of obtaining this refund. There are several individual lawsuits initiated and the pilot, sponsored by ADUC at the magistrate of Florence, was won . But the appeal to individual cases can only cover a limited number of users, the most tenacious and convinced also willing to shoulder the burden of a lawsuit.
So, given the high number of users involved and the importance of the issue in the field of freedom of the market, decided ADUC to prepare for collective action in judicial proceedings. That class action-that despite the legislation it has severely limited the effectiveness it has in other countries-is practicable after 1 January 2010.

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE - The class action, which has prepared ADUC, as stipulated in the law, is intended solely for private buyers (that have not made the purchase through VAT) of computer operating systems preinstalled and do not have accepted the license to use the software nor have ever used. HOW TO PARTICIPATE

- For now, just fill out the form below and provide detailed information about your case.


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